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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Backpacking Langkawi in 24 hours - 2

After Maghrib and Isya' prayers, my friend and I went shopping in Idaman Suri. I bought a frying pan for rm52.90 here.
After that, we went to the new Haji Ismail Group Complex which is situated near Kuah's Petronas Petrol Station. I bought a packet of Hersey's chocolate (rm10.90), a tube of Toblerone (rm4.50) and a packet of dried squid (rm9.90).
We headed to Kampung Baru in Ulu Melaka to meet our colleague whose wife had just given birth to a baby girl. To our surprise, his family was organising a birthday party, so we had our dinner there. Unfortunately, we could not see his daughter because of the party. The baby was in his in-laws' house in order to avoid the noise from the party.

To be continued..

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