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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

The best night view of Hong Kong from the ground
Located in the Avenue of Stars, this place is crowded with tourists who enjoy the colourful and vibrant night scenery of Hong Kong. There were ferry rides as well but we didn't take any of it, so we have no idea about the cost of the cruise.
How to get there?
If you are using the subway, just go to Tsim Tsa Sui Station and take Exit J. If you are staying in Nathan Road area (famous among backpackers), this place is just two minutes walk from i Square / Chungkin Mansions. In case you are lost, don't bother to ask for directions from the Hong Kong residents. They are not helpful + very arrogant especially towards hijabis. Just ask the foreigners who work at the hotel near the area.

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