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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Getting ready for Osaka Trip ~ Part 1

Okay, the trip is just around the corner, so I've prepared some things for the trip. The first few things that I bought were some packed instant meals as well as a small lunch box. I've browsed through the internet to find locations for halal food but unfortunately most of the halal restaurants are serving meals from India or Middle East. What's the point of eating Indian food while you are in Japan? That was why I decided to buy these packed food. Better to eat Malaysian cuisine than the Indian or Middle Eastern right?
To those who are wondering where did I buy the single layer lunch box, you can find one in Mr DIY. I've forgotten the price tag but I'm pretty sure it is not more than RM20 while the instant packed meals can easily be found in either Tesco or Giant Hypermaket. The price range is between RM8 to RM13.

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