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Monday, 24 February 2014

Memory In Vietnam - Pho

Pho is actually beef noodles soup but the soup is much more clearer than the ones that we have here in malaysia. Even though the soup is clearer, it doesn't mean that it is lack of flavour, in fact, I think it is tastier than any other beef noodles soup that I have tasted so far.

I had a chance to taste this famous cuisine of vietnam during my visit in ho chi minh last December. Pho is very famous in the country but since I am a Muslim, I had to find only the halal one. If you had a chance to visit ho chi minh, try to find Hjh. Basiroh Restaurant as it offers halal food for us, Muslims. This restaurant is near the Ben Tanth Market and is situated just opposite the hotel that I stayed in, the Hoang Hai Long 2.

Don't forget to taste pho once you are in Vietnam! I am sure you'll never regret it ;)

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