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Monday, 17 February 2014

Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hills)

Bukit Larut is situated in Taiping, Perak. I normally go there during the weekends for hiking. On this particular day, I went with my sister and we took a jeep to get to the hilltop. It will cost you RM6 per head (adult) to go all the way up by jeep.
What is so interesting about Bukit Larut?
Well, since it is the highest point in Taiping the air here is definitely fresher than the town. That is why people love to go hiking here. If you manage to get to the top and if the weather is good, you can also get the chance to see the views of Taiping and some parts of Kerian district too! Creatures like monkeys and weird looking insects are things that you can see here. There is a small palace for the Sultan too but it is not accessible to public.
For those who love to rest in a peaceful highlands, there are bungalows to be rented here. The rent starts from RM150 per night to RM300. I would advice you not to stay for a long time since there is nothing much you can do here except for enjoying the views and breathe in fresh air.
The pictures show some of the things that you can see in Bukit Larut. My cute sister is in some of the pictures, so please don't mind her ;)

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